May 5, 2021

EP: 41 Badass Moms!

My MOM is here! Lori Tucker, from WATE in Knoxville & Kim Hansard, from STAR 102.1 Marc & Kim Morning Show as Mom questions about being my Mom! My Aunt Symantha, Aunt Eleanor, Rhonda Radford, Janene Putman, Scarlet Trout & Carley Miller talk funny Mom stories, advise and some unconditional love! 

For most of his life Chuck Phillips has been playing popular rock tunes, live, on stages across eastern North Carolina.  Originally from the small waterfront community of Washington, NC, Chuck has been following his passion for singing, playing and writing music for more than 20 years. 

We feature a couple of his new song from his newly released album Act I Scene II when you buy the album listen from start to finish.

When I originally interviewed Shannon I didn't feel as if I had done her justice. I love her soul and her story. About 8 years ago Shannon Chaney has a life changing traffic accident. Another accident happened during her recovery process and she is now bass poppin' DJ SHannon C! 

Southbound 75 has not been traveling together long but the trip to success is coming together nicely.

Park Overall (born March 15, 1957) is an American actress, environmental and women's rights activist, and former U.S. Senate candidate, known for her trademark heavy Southern accent. Her best-known role was as nurse Laverne Todd in the sitcom Empty Nest, though she has appeared in a number of feature films, including Biloxi Blues, Mississippi Burning, Talk Radio, and more recently, In the Family.

Shannon Channey is DJSHANNONC. She is based in Tampa, Florida and spins all over the world. HERstory is amazing! A traffic light changed her life and music saved it!

Ken Moody, Army Veteran and owner of Ken Moody Safaris

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